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Estate Planning

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “The only two certainties in life are death and taxes.”While death is an uncomfortable subject to talk and think about, it is a fundamental concept of life and should be discussed and planned for just as much as other aspects of your financial plan.

We also understand that developing an Estate Plan can be confusing and often draws many questions, such as,“Which documents do I need?” “How can I be sure my Estate will avoid Probate?”“What will happen if I become incapacitated?” “How do I plan for my minor children?”

That is why we are here to help address all of your questions and help you develop an Estate Plan that works for you. We have several resources to help get the conversation started, and can provide you with recommendations on reputable attorneys who are experienced in this area of expertise.We want each of our clients to feel comfortable knowing they have tools in place which work best with their individual needs.

Please contact us to discuss these issues in further detail.In the meantime, below are some materials which you may find useful.

Estate Planning