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Our Approach

Plan. Execute. Review. 

At Sattler Financial Group, we get to know each client on a personal level and begin our relationships by finding out about your unique goals and dreams. Do you want to save enough money to purchase your dream home? Do you wish to set aside money for your children’s college educations? Would you love to travel and spend your leisure time with your family enjoying time together and adventures along the way? Want to retire early? Each person’s goals are different, and also may change throughout the years. We help you develop a picture of what you envision for your life and the things you would like to accomplish. We then develop a detailed strategy and present you with a “map” to help you pursue those financial goals and dreams.

Of course, we realize that in today’s world there is a wealth of information and opinions available to investors, which can be very overwhelming. We will help you cut through the confusion and focus on your goals. Using sophisticated planning tools and extensive research, we help you build long-term strategies that consider your goals, your time, your tolerance for risk, and your tax situation. And through LPL Financial’s innovative and efficient fee-based investment platforms, we offer access to world-class money managers as well as asset allocation strategies so that you can experience the advantages of using a well-diversified portfolio.

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Fee based advisory services through LPL Financial, A Registered Investment Advisor

There is no guarantee that asset allocation or a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification and asset allocation do not protect against market risk.

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