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Our Clients

People of all ages and wealth may benefit from the assistance of a financial advisor, and we are proud to say that our clients comprise a wide variety of ages, lifestyles, backgrounds, professions, and locality.

The young professional just beginning his career can develop a plan to invest money starting NOW.

Research shows that someone who invests $4,000 per year in a retirement account can be a millionaire by age 62 (assuming 8% average annual returns). Conversely, someone who waits a mere 10 years later to begin saving for retirement will have to contribute twice as much per year to achieve the same goal. (Source: MSN Money, “Your 20s: Planning Pays off Richly,” by Liz Weston. November 5, 2010)

If you are a young family, we can help you save for the perfect home and your children’s educations.

As you approach retirement, we will counsel you on what you goals are for your retirement, and how much you should save. We also realize that this is the time to reevaluate your tolerance for risk and market volatility, so we will analyze your portfolio to make sure it is appropriately invested.

And, finally, as you enter retirement, we will develop a plan for your retirement income. Our ultimate goal is to have your retirement funds “outlive” you, while still allowing you to enjoy your lifestyle and live comfortably.

Of course, every client is unique, and goals may change over time. That is why we believe that developing a client relationship is of the utmost importance in helping you pursue your financial success.

If you are interested in scheduling a free consultation appointment, or if you would like to discuss your current accounts, please click here, or go to the “Contact Us” section from the homepage.